what is the weahter in Australia like ?


knowledge weather in Australia is totally necessary for international student it help you have enough time arranging for new weather condition in new land, you will not have troulbe for studying and working outside or working at home. The weather in every countries is belong where the it locate , the shape of its, ........

Australia lies between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The  sixth-largest country on the world, Australia measures some 4,000km east to west and 3,200km north to south. Much of the interior of the country is flat, barren and sparsely populated.

Australia have a long beach,  large size but it's a continent and therefore it has a wide range of environment and climates.Summer from 12 - 2; Autumn form 3 - 5; Winter from 6 - 8; Spring from 9 - 11. because of features indicated above it  make every States have theirown climate.The country's size means there's a lot of climatic variation, sothat The bulk of the population lives on the narrow, fertile eastern coastal plain and on the south-eastern coast.
For example, South Australia is always hot in summer, cold in winter but in Queensland, beside South Australia is warm in winter.

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